Messaggio del nuovo anno (2003) del presidente Kim
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President Kim Dae-jung's New Year Message to the Nation

January 1, 2003

Fellow Koreans,

2003 has dawned filled with hope.

From the bottom of my heart, I pray that the year will be full of happiness and hope for all citizens. I also send my warm New Year greetings to six million compatriots abroad and 22 million North Korean brethren.

In retrospect, the past year was a meaningful time that saw the prestige of the Republic of Korea soaring amidst extraordinary change.

We witnessed the national team making it to the semifinals of the World Cup; we hosted the Busan Asian Games and held the fairest local and Presidential elections in history. Our economic development is the envy of the world. The past year was indeed moving. You achieved all this, and I thank you all.

Fellow citizens,

During this year, the new Administration of President-elect Roh Moo-hyun, who was elected with fervent public participation, will be launched. We should rally behind the incoming administration. In this way, we can help resolve the North Korean nuclear problem and make peace take root on the Korean Peninsula. We need to further consolidate economic development and improve living conditions.

Let's go forward hand in hand. Let's leave a first-rate, proud Republic of Korea to our posterity. Let's march with the vigorous vitality displayed in overcoming the financial crisis that brought about the IMF bailout and with the self-confidence reflected in our reaching the semifinals of the World Cup.

During the remainder of my tenure, I will do my best to bring state affairs to a stable end so the next administration can get off to a start from a better position.

I again wholeheartedly thank the people for their support and cooperation and look forward to your continuing backing.

I wish you all great happiness

Thank you.

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